Archilogic - Sologic Game by Djeco

Archilogic - Sologic Game by Djeco
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Product Description

Are you ready to take on the challenge of being a little architect?
With our exciting and educational game, you get to rebuild the skyscrapers of a major city.
But, there's a twist - you have to make sure you don't block the residents' view. How do you do that? By strategically placing 8 of the 10 puzzle pieces horizontally or vertically, with only 1 possible solution per challenge.
With 50 challenges of increasing difficulty levels, this game offers a fun and engaging way to develop your spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills. And don't worry, if you get stuck, solutions to the challenges are provided in the booklet.

As you complete each challenge, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, knowing that you have created a beautiful city skyline.

Contents: 25 cards, 8 wooden pieces and 1 set of game rules in 10 languages.
Made of FSC® certified paper and cardboard.
Game Author Levet's
Designed by Michael Parkin