Desert 'Inspired by' from Djeco

Desert 'Inspired by' from Djeco
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Product Description

A watercolour activity that invites children to discover the style of Paul Klee, the great Bauhaus master.
Little by little, the paintings are coloured using grease pencils and then diluted with a brush. The desert and its inhabitants come to life.

We love this product because;
It’s a great way to discover the work of Paul Klee, an encounter between a contemporary illustrator and the great master.
Suitable for up to age 99, because it is never too late to plunge into the world of art!
Includes pastels whose pigments can be diluted to discover the art of watercolour and the brush is also supplied.

Contents: 4 illustrated cards (20 x 20 cm), 12 watercolour wax crayons, 1 brush and 1 booklet with step-by-step explanations in colour.
Designed by Benjamin Flouw