Eduludo Primotopo by Djeco

Eduludo Primotopo by Djeco
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Looking for a way to help a child develop their spatial awareness skills? Look no further than Primotopo.
This game is simple yet detailed, with easy-to-understand rules that will keep children engaged and learning.
Kids will learn all about spatial concepts like on top, underneath, and inside - all while having a blast. And thanks to the solutions provided on the back of the cards, the game is self-correcting, so children can learn and grow without frustration.
The high-quality board is made of FSC® certified wood, so you can trust that you're getting a safe and eco-friendly product.

Contents: 1 wooden board, 5 tokens, 12 cards and 1 set of game rules in 10 languages.
Made from 100% FSC® certified wood
Designed by Hector Dexet