Green Wave Stunt Kite by Djeco

Green Wave Stunt Kite by Djeco
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Get ready for high-flying fun with the Green Wave, the stunt kite with 2 lines!
Designed to introduce you to the excitement of flying in the air and learning your first stunts, this kite is perfect for children ages 8 and up with adult supervision.
With a pop-up design that's easy to assemble and take apart, you'll be soaring through the sky in no time.
The kite measures 120 x 60 cm and features strong and durable materials, so you can enjoy countless hours of kite-flying fun. Plus, it comes with an illustrated user guide complete with diagrams to help you learn stunts and discover the joys of flying.
And when you're finished, simply tuck the kite into the handy storage pocket until your next adventure. Get ready to take to the skies with Green Wave!
Green Wave is a stunt kite with 2 lines. It's a great introduction to flying in the air and the fun of learning your first stunts.

Contents: 1 kite (H. 60 x L. 120 cm), 2x 30m lines, 2 handles, fibreglass frame and 1 storage bag
Designed by Muriel Kerba