Kitten’s Breakfast by Djeco

Kittens Breakfast by Djeco
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Product Description

Mmm.. can you smell that delicious scent of toasted bread and hot coffee?
With this beginner’s tea set, toddlers can play and have fun learning how to prepare a delicious breakfast.
The toast pops in the toaster, and your child can create tasty slices with different ingredients and stir the coffee in the cup.
All the accessories can be stored and transported in the little tub.

We love this product because;
Handling the pieces offers a rich learning experience about dexterity for screwing motions and working the toaster.
An introduction to role-play games for ages 18 months and up.
The little tub contains all the parts so you can take your breakfast anywhere
Develops motor skills and imagination.
A role-play game where little ones can have just as much fun as the grown-ups!
Multiple combinations to create delicious slices of toast. -

Contents: Inside 1 tub made of card: 3 wooden slices of toast, 3 wooden fruits that screw in and out, 3 felt 'jams', 1 toaster, 1 cup and 1 small spoon.
Product is constructed from FSC® certified wood.
Designed by Tinou Le Joly Sénoville