Maracas by Tiger Tribe

Maracas by Tiger Tribe
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Product Description

Stimulate your mini musician's senses with these eco-friendly Maracas.
Part of Tiger Tribe's ECO range, these baby maracas are made from sustainable bio plastic, so you can feel confident that you're choosing a maraca instrument that's kinder to the planet.

The bright orange and yellow colours and gentle rattling sounds are designed to engage babies and toddlers. Bopping and grooving together is a fun family bonding activity, and will help to boost your tot's sensory development as they shake the maracas and listen to the different sounds.

Introducing musical instruments and percussion early on in a child's life does wonders for their cognitive development and fine motor skills, as they enjoy learning through play.
These durable maracas come in a pack of two and are made to withstand years of musical adventures.

Maracas product features:
2 eco-friendly maracas
Made from sustainable bio plastic