Mix Family Card Game by Djeco

Mix Family Card Game by Djeco
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Product Description

Welcome to the game of Happy Families and Strategy.
In this fun-filled game, players must use their memory and strategic skills to create families made up of three different animals in the same colour or the same animal.
Sounds easy, right? Well, think again! With a fiendish twist to the classic game, Happy Families and Strategy will have you and your little ones on the edge of your seats, trying to outwit and outsmart your opponents.

This simple yet challenging game is perfect for families to enjoy quality time together while enhancing memory and strategic skills.
With colourful animal illustrations and easy-to-understand rules, players can dive right in and start playing in no time.

This combination happy families and strategy game is for 2 to 4 players lasting about 15 minutes.
Contents: 36 cards and 1 set of game rules in 10 languages.
Product is constructed from: FSC® certified paper and cardboard.
Game Author Didier Lenain-Bragard
Designed by Ben Newman