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Pentaceratops by Schleich

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Pentaceratops by Schleich

Featuring five horns and a powerful frill, the Pentaceratops was related to the Triceratops. The Pentaceratops probably had the largest skull of all land-living animals.
Measuring 7.5 meters in its length and standing 2.5 meters tall, the Pentaceratops was one of the largest ceratopsid dinosaurs. Unlike the more famous Triceratops, the Pentaceratops had a five-horned skull. All ceratopsids had a powerful frill, which was probably little used to defend themselves. In all likelihood, the Pentaceratops had the largest known skull of all land-living animals. Quite a thick skull

Suitable From   3+ years
Dimensions   18 x 7 x 11cm
Brand   Schleich
Product Code   14531
Barcode   4005086145313

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