Rockabilly Lottie Doll

Rockabilly Lottie Doll
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Dressed in her vintage-style jacket and glasses, Lottie heads over to the Victorian Bandstand to listen to live music performances. It’s fun to listen to new bands and musicians, discover different types of music, and let loose and dance. Lottie isn’t the greatest dancer, but she’s happy to do her own thing, and isn’t scared to march to the beat of her own drum, and be herself. After a day of music and laughter, Lottie heads home with a spring in her step.
A vintage-style jacket featuring the ‘Be Bold Be Brave Be You’ print on the back
A long sleeved t-shirt
A fun tutu skirt
Striped leggings
A cute bow hairband
A pair of retro-style cat’s eye glasses

Lottie has lots of ‘dressable’ fun; her clothes have simple velcro fastenings which make her easy to dress and undress. Lottie has high-quality, strokable hair that doesn’t tangle easily and her clothes and accessories are detailed and lifelike, with lots of tactile elements.
Lottie has been developed with some core principles relating to the issue of body image and a positive take on childhood. Unlike other dolls that are more ‘adult’ in tone, Lottie is first and foremost a child of nine with a child-like body. She does not wear makeup, nor does she sport tattoos, jewellery or high heels. She loves to dress up in pretty clothes but is equally happy to be active, outdoors and getting muddy.