Roly Poly Koala by Tiger Tribe

Roly Poly Koala by Tiger Tribe
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Product Description

Roly Poly Koala from Tiger Tribe loves being pushed, pulled or knocked over - always bobbing up for more fun.
Design inspired the most loved of Aussie Animals, Koala’s rounded, weighted bottom will always spin him back upright for more play. And as he rolls around he makes a lovely tinkling bell sound, for additional sensory stimulation.
Ideal for babies learning to crawl, Koala’s wobbling action entices little ones to reach out and push. The repetitive movements of pushing, pulling and knocking him over helps improve tots’ hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. The koala’s ears are soft and easy for little hands to grip.
Your purchase helps protect Australian wilderness and wildlife through the Tiger Tribe partnership with Australian charity the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife.