Silver Alphabet Beads by Djeco

Silver Alphabet Beads by Djeco
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Introducing the ultimate beading set to create personalised bracelets that capture a child's unique style and personality.
With over 1,000 beads in an assortment of colours, children can easily thread together a variety of designs to spell out names or messages.
The clever beading needle allows for effortless stringing, and the elastic cord makes it easy to wear and adjust the bracelets to a child's liking.
The set includes plenty of medium-sized beads to add extra sparkle and shine to the creations.
With lots of letters included, children can write whatever they want on their bracelets, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

Contents: 600 coloured alphabet beads, 400 medium beads, 2x 5-metre elastic cord and 2 needles.
Designed by Caroline Faup