The Ballerina 'Inspired by' from Djeco

The Ballerina 'Inspired by' from Djeco
The Ballerina 'Inspired by' from Djeco - 0The Ballerina 'Inspired by' from Djeco - 1The Ballerina 'Inspired by' from Djeco - 2The Ballerina 'Inspired by' from Djeco - 3
The Ballerina 'Inspired by' from Djeco - 4
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Inspired by the style of impressionist artist Edgar Degas, this creative set shows you how to create the shadow and light in the folds of fabric that Degas was so famous for.
With the aid of blending soft pastel crayons you can re-imagine the work of this great artist along with the vision of a contemporary illustrator.
Full instructions & an explanatory leaflet give you more background to the artist and guides you through recreating his technique.

We love this product because;
It is a great way to learn about the art of Edgar Degas.
It mixes creativity with learning and is a clever way for young artists to discover a new technique.
It is age appropriate from age 8 - 99 years, because you can immerse yourself in the world of art at any age!

Designed by Nathalie Novi
Contents: 8 illustrated cards (20 x 20 cm - 4 designs x 2), 12 oil crayons, 1 colour step-by-step instruction booklet.