Zig & Go Fork - 14 pcs Set by Djeco

Zig & Go Fork - 14 pcs Set by Djeco
Zig & Go Fork - 14 pcs Set by Djeco - 0Zig & Go Fork - 14 pcs Set by Djeco - 1Zig & Go Fork - 14 pcs Set by Djeco - 2
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A great introduction toy to learn STEM concepts such as gravity, force and momentum, and how they can create a chain reaction.
This 14 piece set features a clever board and 4 metal marbles. The set helps to build skills like perseverance, STEM problem solving and critical thinking.
You will need to use skill to position the parts to make a course, then learn about the ingenuity and magic of chains of movement!
This wooden building game of chain reactions, thinking and wooden construction to complement the Zig & Go collection. Copy the designs in the instructions booklet to build courses, or make up their own - the possibilities are endless!
This game is designed for ages 8 and over, and all the kits in the collection are compatible, for ever more inventive action-reaction courses!
Contents: 1 wooden building game with 14 pieces, including 4 metal marbles and an 8 page instructions booklet.
Designed by Jean-Réné Ménard