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Best Selling Items

Fireflies Foil Art by Djeco

Fireflies Foil Art by Djeco


Using the little tool, you uncover parts of the picture. Then you apply the foil paper to the sticky areas underneath. The thin layer of metal sticks to these areas, and the picture glistens, as if by magic!
Contains 1 tool, 15 foil sheets, 4 pictures and a step by step guide.
Design Elodie Nouhen
Box 16.5 x 23 x 4cm
Age 7-13

Ref. 4578
EAN. 3070900095144

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Magic Storybook Torch by Moulin Roty

Magic Storybook Torch by Moulin Roty


Your child will love this Moulin Roty Magic Torch.
Insert one of the disks into the torch and project the image onto the wall, the image can be focused using the turning lense
Comes with 3 disks each with 8 images that each tell a different story, 'The circus comes to town', 'Panic at the Zoo' and 'Run for your lives'
Suitable for age 4+
Batteries included
Size 24 x 4 cm

Ref. 4449
EAN. 3575677110453

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Glitter Dresses by Djeco

Glitter Dresses by Djeco


Sprinkle these four dress pictures with glitter to make them twinkle in their frames.
4 sticky faced boards
6 tubes of coloured glitter
1 gadget
1 brush
1 step-by-step colour booklet
Box 16.5 x 23 x 4cm
Age 7-13

Ref. 2566
EAN. 3070900095007

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Girl Superhero by Djeco

Girl Superhero by Djeco


Become a superhero with your own cape and mask!
Cape 80 x 90cm
Mask 21 x 14cm
Size 3-7years

Ref. 2406
EAN. 3070900065918

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Geoforme, Boxed Set by Djeco

Geoforme,  Boxed Set by Djeco


Arrange the wooden magnetic pieces to make boats, animals - anything you can imagine! Magnetic wooden case contains 42 magnetic pieces and 24 idea cards.
Box 30 x 30 x 4cm
Age 4+

Ref. 899
EAN. 3070900031302

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Animambo Guitare by Djeco

Animambo Guitare by Djeco


A wonderfully colourful first guitar for your child. With Djeco's unique design, this guitar is perfect for any little budding musician.
Size 53 x 17 x 5cm
Age 3+

Ref. 4136
EAN. 3070900060135

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