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Best Selling Items

Animambo Xylophone by Djeco

Animambo Xylophone by Djeco


A wonderfully colourful first xylophone. This xylophone by Djeco has 4 wooden keys and is perfect for budding musicians!
Size 22.3 x 18.8 x 2.7cm
Age 18m+

Ref. 4124
EAN. 3070900060012

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Thumbalina Colouring Suprises by Djeco

Thumbalina Colouring Suprises by Djeco


Unfold the pictures to reveal the suprise! Colouring pages that are anything but ordinary.
Contains 4 pictures
Design Peggy Nille
Pack 22 x 23cm
Age 6-11

Ref. 4719
EAN. 3070900096370

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Collages for little ones by Djeco

Collages for little ones by Djeco


Large corrugated cardboard pieces and fun accessories for tiny hands to create four simple pictures full of character.
Very thick cardboard stick on pieces for easy grip.
Pieces separated into small envelopes, so as not to get mixed up.
4 pictures to complete.
4 envelopes containing many pieces to stick on.
1 glue stick.
Colour instruction book.
Box 29 x 23 x 4cm
Age 3-6

Ref. 1432
EAN. 3070900086647

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An Unusual Night Mobile by Djeco

An Unusual Night Mobile by Djeco


A beautifully illustrated, serenely balanced mobile from the Djeco collection.
Glows in the dark.
Size 80 x 50cm
Box 40 x 30cm

Ref. 2685
EAN. 3070900043015


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Animambo Maraca by Djeco

Animambo Maraca by Djeco


A fantastic bright and colourful range of musical toys by Djeco. This wonderful maraca is the perfect addition to any musical ensemble.
Size 5.8 x 18.3cm
Age 1+

Ref. 4184
EAN. 3070900060081

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Small Friends Stickers by Djeco

Small Friends Stickers by Djeco


Pack of 160 themed stickers.
Pack 21 x 21cm
Age 3+

Ref. 2661
EAN. 3070900088429

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